Accessories from Cat Skin
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Big Cat skin is a growing trend today - most of the great fashion designers use it to make accessories that delight fashion and luxury lovers all over the world.

Sea Cat Leather accessories have an absolutely unique and charming appearance. The Big Cat skin is characterized by the specific "beads", which completely cover the skin, and a truly special accessory is the one that also contains the so-called "pearls" - horny excrescences, ivory-white in color, with an admirable texture .

Among the most appreciated accessories made of this type of leather are wallets for men, simple wallets or envelopes for women and belts.

Big Cat Leather accessories, both for Men and for Ladies, are some of the most suitable and special gifts for birthdays, name days, anniversaries, Christmas or other special occasions. offers you a special collection of accessories for Her and Him made of Big Cat Leather, and the products are offered in elegant packaging.

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