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Who doesn't like summer? Sun, beach, salty and refreshing sea water... Tanned skin, relaxation, vacation...

Because summer has already arrived and we will finally be able to enjoy the touch of the sun, it is important to think about what kind of accessories are suitable to make the tanned skin shine.

And of course, of all the accessories, jewelry is the closest to the skin and the easiest way to stand out. This, of course, if we know how to choose the most suitable jewelry.

Among the metals, the most suitable for dark skin are white ones. Do you know how good you look in summer in a white dress? It also applies to jewelry. The contrast between the tanned skin and the metal of the jewel will attract the eyes and arouse temptations.

When it comes to stones, the choices available are vast. But you can choose one of the three successful directions to emphasize the natural beauty of sun-kissed skin.

The first consists in choosing brightly colored jewelry, combined with white clothes or bright colors. Summer is the season of excesses in terms of outfits and the best time to trust the instinct of the moment, and bright colors and big jewelry will make you shine.

To follow this trend, you can wear jewelry with Millefiori, in dizzying combinations of colors, or Abalone colored in fascinating waves, or you can choose the beautiful purple of Amethyst to turn you into a princess in an instant. You can't go wrong with the bright green of Malachite, the infinite blue of Lapis Lazuli or the passionate red of Coral if you want a colorful summer.

The second direction worthy of following to highlight your hot beauty is to resort to specific summer symbols. Nothing more suitable to feel already on the sunny beach than a jewel from the shell of a marine life. Decorative Snails, Cowry Shells, Motherpearl, Sideful, Shiva's Eye are some of the most popular choices.

The third direction is also the most discreet, and you will exude luxury and romance through all your pores. It is especially suitable for special occasions and unforgettable evenings. If you want to be the one who lights up a dreamy evening, try jewelry with white pearls, or even with black pearls. Rose Quartz, with its delicate glow, Agate, which will attract admiring glances with its brilliant white, Green Aventurine, in pastel shades, the subtle beauty of the Moonstone, and Amber, in warm colors will cause hot passions.

You will definitely be able to make jewelry choices that suit you and make you feel like a princess, and a combination of the three directions will ensure you delightful moments this summer.

Have I convinced you that it's time for a renewal of the contents of your jewelry box?

Bocane.ro is the most suitable choice.

A wonderful summer!

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