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It is that gift that a company gives to an employee, collaborator or client.

There are many occasions to offer such a sign of appreciation: a holiday, anniversary, birthday, on the occasion of a promotion or retirement.

"Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder" - such a gift means a lot, and can be part of those things that form the image of the company in the eyes of the public.

It is true that in Romania we are just learning the importance and significance of such a gesture, but it is important to start recognizing them.

And unfortunately, such gifts are not always the best chosen or manage to bring the minimum requested from a gift: a pleasant surprise. Maybe you recently received a small gift from your employer or a colleague, the content of which did not surprise you at all. The well-known personalized diary, a cheap pen and a calendar. Or a basket with some sweets and a bottle of wine, not very good. It can be even worse: a thermos, scarf, t-shirt with a logo, or various other objects without real utility.

Do you remember how many times you talked with a colleague who would have preferred to receive the small amount spent by the employer, in the form of a small bonus, instead of such a gift?

Certainly for those who are part of the management or the Human Resources department of a company that cares about its image, finding such gifts is quite difficult.

However, lately, the market of corporate gifts has started its ascent in Romania, and suggestions for a suitable corporate gift are an important source in business.

Step into the "shoes" of the person who will receive the gift from your company. Don't you think that a luxury accessory would be an impressive gift?

An exotic leather wallet or a luxury tie for men and a fine silk scarf, a subtle piece of jewelry or an exotic leather wallet for women would definitely impress. And the light in which the company would be seen would change for the better.

Such a gift, with fine packaging included in the price, is available at www.Bocane.ro, just a click away. You just have to choose.

Good luck in business!

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