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Even if we are still surrounded by snowdrifts, already the thought that March is approaching makes our souls happy with spring: we find ourselves smiling at the thought of snowdrops and budding trees, and the well-known white and red string, the symbol of March and spring.

Martisorul is such a true Romanian custom that it still evokes the same feelings from childhood, and March 1 symbolizes the moment when, suddenly, we expect spring to come to the streets and parks.

The beginnings of this custom so specific to us, the Romans, can be traced back to the times before Christianity, to the Roman holidays dedicated to Mars, who was not only the god of war, but also of agriculture and the periodic rebirth of nature.

We have all tied a cord of martisor to the young branches of a tree, to wish it a prosperous year and ensure protection against any evil. Symbolically, we do the same thing when we offer a martisor - and in recent years, we even got used to offering small symbols of spring not only to women, but also to men.

And this spring, Bocane.ro is pleased to offer its customers exceptional accessories, for ladies and gentlemen, accessories from which you can definitely choose the most beautiful gifts on the occasion of March 1st for your loved ones.

Happy shopping!

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