What Silver Jewelry do we choose in Summer?
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Summer is probably the season when accessories matter more than ever.


Because our outfits are more concise, more colorful, more airy, because we can be proud of our sun-kissed skin and above all we have the opportunity to highlight it.

Here are some solutions to help you quickly find your inspiration for a perfect summer look:

  • For an outing during the day, especially if you spent some time at the beach or at the pool and you can be proud of a copper skin, confidently choose simple, large-sized, white or black jewelry. Of course, those with shell ornaments, MotherPearl or White Agate in combination with the shine of Silver are an excellent choice!

  • If you still prefer more colorful choices, Silver Jewelry with Abalone or Cowry Shell, Red Shell or Coral are waiting for you to try them!

  • Are you planning an evening out or a romantic walk under the moonlight? Maybe a party or event that takes place at night? A Silver Jewel with Crystals, Zirconia or Pearls ensures a shining appearance!

We hope that we have managed to offer you a little inspiration, to choose the most suitable accessories for you and that will make you stand out. Here are some of them below, but don't forget to visit the Silver Jewelry section to choose your favorite jewelry!

We wish you a wonderful summer!

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