What women do for beauty
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Well... a lot, if you want to know. For example, dear Miss Eu.

A week ago I went to the hairdresser. With all the fuss of rigor, from the negotiation of the schedule ("Can it be Saturday at 4, at Cristina's?", "Okay, it's Thursday, at 5, at Maria's!"). That's it. It's good that I managed to make time, juggling between the schedule, some household activities and, yes, too little time for fun left from the rather short days, in my opinion.

I came out like a flower. Smiling, with the Tilincuta cutter waving in the wind (well, it didn't wave, because it was short, no!) and with morale melting from cloud to cloud and singing to his metaphorical harp.

Every morning the "repair and renovation" session begins: from washing the face with cold water for 5 minutes, to remove the dark circles, to the methodically applied mascara, with the mandatory last step waving the eyelashes in the mirror as a thank you.

And where else do you put it, except for the morning forest walk of the lover "Yes, when do you think you'll get out of there?", he also makes coffee until I show up, looking completely restored.

Yesterday I went to the monthly hair removal session. For those who are not used to it, it is that sad moment of the month when a more or less well-made lady catches you and methodically tortures you. And he also asks: "Brazilian or do we only take a little on the edges?"

I don't even say it anymore: two weeks ago, thought. In a little while, the hair dye round. Monthly manicurist - I can handle the rest by myself, I have a drawer of nail polish and a suitcase of tools.

The "make-up remover" operation every evening. Apply to the face with face cream with calendula and aloe extract, on the hands with hand cream with jojoba and mandarin oil, on the body with coconut butter. Hair conditioner and exfoliation in the shower at least once a week.

And I drink water and eat apples.

Offf... I'm tired just saying.

Yes, finally, the fun part. You know what I'm saying. The shopping!

And the climax: the accessories - and the torture returned to the esteemed lover, who does not have the obligation to society to wax, dye, make-up and polish every morning. Okay, not his person, just the extension of his person: the card. It's time to take revenge on all social injustices!

And I don't even have to move from my comfortable chair. The virtual shelves of www.Bocane.ro are full of silver jewelry in surprising combinations or Tibetan jewelry made of brass and bone, flowing Indian silk scarves, accessories made of alligator skin, sea cat, snake.

And to heal the poor card's wound, a handmade Como silk tie for my boyfriend.

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