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The unimaginable happened: you stained your favorite silk tie!

Here are some handy solutions to quickly fix this situation:

What do you do if the yolk from breakfast ended up on the tie instead of sitting properly on the plate, or the tomato sauce from lunch left the pasta to settle comfortably on your tie?

Rule number 1: clean stains immediately, if possible. Unfortunately, it is not always possible, especially during a meeting, for example... But even so you can take urgent measures. First of all, clean the dirt from the tie carefully, with a clean tool (for example, the blunt part of a table knife, for the egg yolk) or dab with a clean napkin. Try to avoid rubbing the stain, so as not to infiltrate the substance even harder into the silk fiber. After that, the stain, depending on the type, must be treated further.

A good method for removing grease stains is to take a piece of clean, lint-free cloth, put a little soap on it and try to rub until you clean the stain. But this method can also have an opposite result to the desired one: to spread the stain even more. You can try using ethyl alcohol (spirit) - it works in almost all cases.

If this method doesn't work, we recommend using a dry cleaner, but make sure it's a cleaner you trust. The cheapest is not always the best solution. Be careful not to step on your tie!

Don't abuse it, though. Cleaning the tie too many times will spoil the appearance of the silk, so it is recommended to try the solutions above before taking the tie to the cleaners.

We wish you to enjoy your silk tie for a long time and we recommend Como silk ties from the Bocane collection!

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