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Leather gloves


History of Leather Gloves and other materials
Gloves made of various materials have been used since Antiquity - a pair of canvas gloves were discovered in Egypt in Tutankhamun's Tomb. Pharaohs wore gloves as a symbol of power, influence and social status.
Egyptian women also used these accessories as part of the beauty treatment: they anointed their hands with scented volatile oils and honey, and then put on gloves to protect themselves.
Starting with the 18th century, canvas or silk gloves became more and more appreciated by ladies of the vase, as objects of adornment. In Paris, the glove tailors' guild is mentioned even from the 18th century, and leather and fur were used as materials.
During this period, gloves perfumed with musk and amber oils appeared, being in vogue during the time of Catherine de Medici. Perfumed leather gloves are officially accepted in 1656 through a royal patent. Legends say that Catherine de Medici's perfumer used the aromas impregnated in the leather of the gloves to hide the smell of the poisons she used to kill her enemies.
Gloves adorned with jewels soon become part of the royal coats of arms. It is even said that King Henry II of England was buried wearing gloves. Queen Elizabeth I of Great Britain gave audiences wearing long gloves, which she sometimes took off and then put them on again, with graceful movements, to attract attention to the beauty of his hands.
And the high church girls enjoyed the elegance conferred by the gloves, these being worn by Popes, Cardinals and Bishops during the celebration of the service, as can be seen in numerous paintings that show people of the Church with their hands covered by gloves.
In the century 19th century, gloves become a mandatory accessory at exclusive events such as the opera. The "Opera Gloves" were long and made of fine ivory, white or black leather, with pearl or button closures at the wrist.
In the Golden Age of Hollywood, there were few stars who would have gone out on the street without gloves.
Today, the uses of Gloves have expanded, as have the materials from which they are made.

How Leather Gloves are made
The BOCANE store is pleased to offer a varied range of Men's and Women's Gloves, made of Deer or Lamb Leather.
How should leather gloves, be they for driving or for winter, be perfect?
Tanning is the process of processing leather to give it impermeability, flexibility, elasticity and last but not least, durability.
The manufacturing can be done by hand, starting with the cutting of the leather and ending with the visible seams of each pair of gloves. Bocane gloves are made exclusively in Romania, and our collections include hand-sewn models.
The way gloves are made and their finishes are extremely important and give them value and an impeccable appearance. Of all the glove models, it is absolutely necessary that the Leather Driving Gloves are made with care and detail, for a perfect fit on the wearer's hand.
To make Driving Gloves that will be worn often during activities such as driving a car or a bicycle, Deer or Pecarin Leather is recommended, fuller and more resistant. For Driving Gloves chosen for their aesthetic appearance and especially for accessorizing an outfit, we recommend Lambskin, which is soft and fine.

How to take care of your Leather Gloves?
Leather gloves are sensitive to moisture, so it is good to keep them in boxes or drawers, preferably wrapped in a soft cloth, in places away from heat (including heat sources) or excessive cold, moisture, dust, variations in temperature or direct sunlight. Do not store them bent or under other heavy products, which can crumple, cut, etc.
Leather gloves can be cleaned whenever necessary; cleaning is done methodically, with a very soft, dry cloth. Gloves made of velor leather (leatherette) can be cleaned with a soft brush. If necessary, turn the gloves inside out and clean the inside with a dry cloth, only if they are not lined.
The best solution for cleaning these accessories, if the above method is not sufficient, is to use the services of a cleaner specialized in leather clothing. Here, the skin will be professionally cleaned, impregnated and with a coat of color it will be brought back to life.
To extend their life, we recommend wearing several pairs of gloves alternately.

Thank you for your attention and happy shopping!

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