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Why choose Bocane?

Bocane, Made in Europe

All products are made in our own atelier for Excellent quality control.

Certified Premium Leather

Leather tanned in Italy, carefully chosen; certified for quality, appearance, resistance and hypoallergenic.


We use leather tanned with Zero carbon footprint and water-based consumables. 80% of our atelier consumption is renewable energy.

Customizable Products

Personalizare Produse Bocane

Give even more personality to accessories and gifts! Accessories Leather Boots can now be Personalized with a monogram 6 mm high, consisting of 2-3 letters, applied to the leather, with or without color. Letters or numbers can be applied.

To monogram a leather product, a tanner picks the characters of your choice, engraved in a block of brass and fixes them in a machine that applies the shape of the letters through a combination of pressing with force and heat. A foil is applied between the leather and the letters, which can be transparent, golden, silver, black, white or brown, which will remain attached to the leather only on the surface of the letters.

Leather wallets can be customized inside, in the bottom right corner, with the same color as the Bocane logo on the wallet. If you still want another color, another position of customization, contact us, we will gladly offer you consultancy, advice and together we will find the most suitable solution!

Leather straps can be monogrammed on the tip, parallel to the length of the strap.

To order the product personalized, check the Monogram option, available in every customizable product.