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Why choose Bocane?

Bocane, Made in Europe

All products are made in our own atelier for Excellent quality control.

Certified Premium Leather

Leather tanned in Italy, carefully chosen; certified for quality, appearance, resistance and hypoallergenic.


We use leather tanned with Zero carbon footprint and water-based consumables. 80% of our atelier consumption is renewable energy.

Made-to-Order Watch Straps


We manufacture a variety of watch straps:

Type of clasp on the watch: regular, Curved (rounded)

Alligator, tanned in Italy

Watch strap holes:
Rectangle (for wide tongue buckle)
Round (for regular buckles or deployment buckles)

Lug/ buckle size (mm):
18/16 , 19/16 , 20/16 , 20/18 , 20/20 , 21/18 , 22/20 , 24/20 mm, for Apple Watch

Length (long / short straps, mm) :

105/70, 110/70, 115/75, 120/80, 125/85, 130/90, 135/95

Watch strap stitch:
Tone-on-tone or contrast

Watch strap profile:

Padded (thicker center by the lugs and thinner edges and tip), Regular (flat)

Watch strap buckle:
Classic stainless steel/ gold / black, Deployment Buckle, or keep the original buckle

Watch strap spring-bars:
Classic spring-bars
Quick release spring-bars