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Why choose Bocane?

Bocane, Made in Europe

All products are made in our own atelier for Excellent quality control.

Certified Premium Leather

Leather tanned in Italy, carefully chosen; certified for quality, appearance, resistance and hypoallergenic.


We use leather tanned with Zero carbon footprint and water-based consumables. 80% of our atelier consumption is renewable energy.

Leather Watch Straps

Welcome to the store with the most beautiful watch straps in Romania!

In the Bocane Workshop we work in limited series of small works of art called Leather Watch Straps

Dimensions of a watch strap:

We work standard sizes 18 mm, 19 mm, 20 mm, 21 mm, 22 mm and 24 mm for the telescope (where the strap attaches to the watch) and 16 mm, 18 mm, 20 mm and 22 mm for the buckle (where the buckle attaches to watch strap). You can find these sizes in stock, measured at the telescope and at the buckle for the vast majority of watch straps: 18/16, 19/16, 20/16, 20/18, 21/18, 22/18, 22/20, 24/ 20, 24/22, measured in millimeters.

Length of long strap / short strap:

Average length is 115/75 (the long strap is 115 mm long measured to the tip and the short strap is 75 mm long, measured without the buckle). This length is available for the vast majority of our belts.

For a selection of belts, we also offer Long (120/80) and Extra Long (125/85) lengths.

Materials and details:

If you don't find it in stock watch strap wanted, we were also working custom made.

We choose leather tanned in Italy, both for the front and for the inside of the watch strap. We make watch straps from Calf Leather, but also Exotic Lizard, Snake, Ostrich, Python and even Crocodile or Alligator leather. As an alternative material, we also manufacture watch straps from Cordura and Sailcloth. Every detail of the leather, stitching and buckle is important.
Each cut on the skin and each needle stitch is designed to please the most demanding tastes. Each watch strap takes several hours of a Bocane leatherworker's time and is manufactured with great care and attention.

Thank you for your time, enjoy wearing the Bocane watch strap!